12 January 2015

The Creep Void - The Elevation of Idiocy EP, review

Remember the grunge vibe of the nineties? This band does. If Queens of the Stone age, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden all had a music baby, it would sound like this. The Elevation of Idiocy EP ROCKS! 

The Creep Void is a band that's been going since 2011, and it shows. They've already got an EP, a single and an album under their belt and it just keeps getting better.

This EP is full of energy, full of dynamic, and full of catchy hooks. 

'Persona of Many' is a track that has everything you could ask for in an alternative rock band. It picks up with an awesome little riff on both the bass and guitar that makes you go 'yeeaahh'. It's got the vibrant vocals of Barry Appleton with eerie harmonies to back it up. And it's non stop. It leaves you out of breath and begging for more.

We then slow down a little with the track 'Needless to Say' which has got a lovely chilled vibe, and it's heartfelt too, throughout the first verse. But of course, it soon builds up and the energy of the previous track returns in full motion. The bassy riffs towards the end of the song are so badass and the breakdown is a work of absolute genius. 

I'm struggling to write this review cause I'm just diggin' it so much. I must have listened to the EP five times on repeat (which is fairly normal when you're writing a review) but what isn't normal, is that I'm not even fed up with it yet.

The production on this EP is fantastic as well, but the performance from the band is just fantastic. There isn't a dull track on the record, there isn't a dip in the energy, there isn't a single bad thing I can say. This thing is quality.

I love this record. Can you tell yet?

These guys aren't too far from me either, I might have to catch them for a live review some time. I'm always a big supporter of fellow Northerners. 
If you're local to the UK, keep an eye out for The Creep Void, it's not a show to be missed!

Here's to more! 

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