13 January 2015

Vendettas - Single, review

Lively, 60s style rock n roll band Vendettas have a new single to flaunt, and it's a good one!

There's a reason this three-piece band have a huge following in and around Leeds, UK. The reason? They have so much energy, so much enthusiasm and a fresh and brilliant attitude to bring to the scene.

They're just having fun and it shows. This single is exactly that. Just a lot of fun.

You can listen to this record once and you'll already know enough words to sing along. You can listen to this record on repeat and it'll still feel as fresh as the first time. You can listen to this record. That's what you should do. Go listen to it!

These guys have been going for a couple of years now and they've got loads of material online to check out. But that's not the only way to do it. This band NEEDS to be seen live. So, listen to the single, like what you hear, head out to see their show and you won't regret a single second.

Luckily, the production and performance on this release is so good that it still contains that live energy you get from the shows which is impressive cause not a lot of bands manage to pull that off.

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