21 January 2015

92.6 The Blitz - Support the independent music scene!

Alright. So you're a reader of SunStock Music for a reason.
You love the indie music scene.
You want to discover your next favourite unsigned band or artist, or you're a musician who wants to meet other like-minded people.
You want to be part of the scene, and you want to support the scene...

Well, good friend of mine Tom Slick is campaigning to bring extra support not only for unsigned musicians, but for independent authors and filmmakers too!

Tom is a brilliant radio personality and has been super supportive to me, and a whole load of other musicians across the globe.

He's started a campaign to expand his project and that's where you come in...

If you're looking for more airplay for your band, go say hi.
If you want to directly offer support for the music scene, go say hi.
If you're a bit bored and looking for something to do... go say hi!

From one musician to another, I wish you an eventful and successful 2015!


- Amy Naylor ~ SunStock Music

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