21 January 2015

Nyms and Kayne - Catch Me if You Can, EP review

Urban Pop at it's best.

I'm pretty damn impressed with this EP from Nyms and Kayne. 

The production is fantastic, the layers drop and build in all the right places, keeping the listener on their toes and making the perfect accompaniment to two brilliant performers.

There are also some beautiful vocal harmonies and truly emotional lyrics to go with the brilliant sound.

It's very easy in this genre for a musician to make a four beat loop and sing over it for three minutes, claiming to have created the next masterpiece. And it's very easy for a listener to assume that it really is as easy as that. But that is not what is happening here. This is true musicianship, clever musicianship, and the hard work has paid off. 

I really love the style of this record, I love the collaboration between the pair and I love how it all flows and holds together perfectly as a piece. 

The simple catchy melodies keep you hooked and the passion in the lyrics and performance ring true.

And if that wasn't enough, as an added bonus, there's a couple of really great remixes to some of the songs that feature on the EP. I'm especially enjoying the lengthy D'LuxeDJ Quiet Storm remix of the track Save Me.

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