20 October 2014

The Indie Artist Spotlight - October 20th 2014

Righty ho. Wonderful listeners of The Indie Artist Spotlight, prepare to be amazed by this week's selection of alternative rock. It's all happening here on SunStock Music!

1) Kyle & Lise - Impasse
Since meeting in 2009, Kyle and Lisa have worked on numerous musical projects together.

2) TMinusInfinity - Truce
TMinusInfinity is one person's attempt to make music that contains the attitude of punk and the awesomeness of space. The name refers to the feeling that you're always waiting for something exciting to happen in your life.

3) The Descenters - A Romance For Perverts
The Descenters are a lo-fi, post-punk, and electronic solo project currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Formed in Brisbane in 2010 by local writer and musician Matthew Stoff after several failed attempts to start a rock band, the act consists of dark, goth-infused alternative rock and synth-pop, influenced by acts like Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins, Queenadreena, Joy Division, and The Smiths.

4) Karmick - The Distance 
"Karmick is the sound of two brothers making music together. Both brothers are talented multi-instrumentalist, playing on a wide range of Indian and Western instruments. The band is primarily self-taught, which adds a unique edge to their sound."

5) She Was Loud - Get Loose
Since the release of their debut, self-titled EP in 2013, She Was Loud have been receiving an ever-increasing amount of notoriety around the globe. From receiving such accolades as 'Best International Unsigned Band” from the Twisted Mixtape Radio Show (UK), to earning radio play in both in the UK, Canada & USA, it's clear to see that She Was Loud have transcended the borders and audiences of their home country.

6) The Golden Age - Bathe In Her Eyes
Well, my name is Alexander Galindo. Born, and living in Los Angeles, CA. The Golden Age is my one man project. Because of that, I'm creating rock music using a lot of techniques from the hip hop world. If I had to throw it into a genre, I'd say I'm trying to do a new take on Blues and Psychedelic. Created by incorporating drum machines, samples, and synths. I produce everything myself, sing, and play all the instruments in each "beat".
When I play live, there'll be a DJ, while I sing and play the guitar.

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