2 November 2014

The Indie Artist Spotlight - November 3rd 2014

I apologise for the lack of podcast last week! There is only one of me and unforeseen circumstances meant I just didn't have the time. BUT the wait was worth it as this week's spotlight is a bloody good'n. And it's very different to anything we've played before... 

1) Cicida Witch - The Flock (Introduction)
Upon researching, I found that on Bandcamp, this track is actually presented under the title: 'The Flock'. So apologies for the misunderstanding.
Check out more music here: https://cicadawitch.bandcamp.com

2) Joel Lesperance - Opus 70
Joel takes pride in making all of his tracks available for free download. So you've no excuse not to head over to his site now and have a look to see what else he's got available!

3) El-Canzino - Square One
'Canzino is a one man band. He lives in Vancouver and attempts to keep things classy in the 21st century. This is a different presentation of Progressive and Electro-Rock. See him balance technology while playing guitar melodies in his machines; accompanied with his voice.'https://soundcloud.com/canzino

4) Haltaar - Forest Floor
Haltaar is a young electronic artist still experimenting with various genres and forms. It seems ambient, progressive, chillstep is where his talent shines through. We've featured a track on the show before but this latest one has seen the most success so far.

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