17 October 2014

Broken Chakra - The Fractured EP, review

The next Rage Against The Machine? Well,  maybe not quite, but they're certainly getting there and I wanna see these guys live! So much energy!

It's refreshing to hear some music that's actually about something you know? Broken Chakra are badass, but they're not all wrapped up in themselves. They're singing about real life, proper issues. They're paying tribute to cultures of the past. And more importantly, they look friggin cool doing it!

And if you were ever wondering what heavy / hardcore reggae sounds like, there's an ace little break down in the middle of their track Fractured that will enlighten you. Bloody brilliant!

The EP was released last year but the band recently brought out a new video of the opening track, Survival of the Fittest. It features female street fighters and plays homage to 80s cult movies.

The band states:
"A mash up of 80s cult movies and Hip Hop aesthetics, is in essence the video for Broken Chakra's Survival of the Fittest. The Warriors meets Mad Max to cause some serious Van Dammage. Led by director Will Wright, this homage drew on the talent of fight choreographer Leon Sui and endurance of cast and crew to get through a thoroughly cold and miserable night shoot in winter. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and delays due to a training injury to a cast members, and last minute location change is testament to that."

Cool right?

I could just imagine them featuring on the soundtrack to some Tony Hawks game. 
That's a compliment by the way.

The Fractured EP is only 20 minutes long. It does kind of just end very suddenly. And if you're anything like me you'll be left wanting more... No worries... You can find out more about them on their website.

This record is mental. It's like they're never gonna stop. Let's hope not!

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