29 September 2014

The Indie Artist Spotlight - September 29th 2014

We have another acoustic treat for you this music monday and there's going to be another one to follow shortly. We've had so many submissions it's incredible! Enjoy the show and have a browse below if you enjoy what you hear.

1) Jack L & Katie S - Creature of the Rest
We are a new acoustic duo who have been playing and writing together for about a year. We keep our arrangements as simple as can be, with Jack playing guitar and Katie on vocals. We're based in Middletown, Connecticut and are looking to record our first EP within the year.

2) David Wirsig - Sunken City
My name is David Wirsig and I hale from Lawrence, Kansas (a lone cultural bastion in the American midwestern wasteland). I've been writing folk songs for about five years now, and I also dip my feet in electronic music production from time to time. Rather than drawing from life experience to write my lyrics, I like to approach my songs like a novelist, filling them with strange characters and settings from my imagination. If you're interested in hearing more, feel free to check me out at https://soundcloud.com/david-wirsig

3) Niko Dangond - Monday Morning
My name is Ryan and I run a modest home studio here in Orange County.
After stumbling upon your post on reddit, I would really, really like to submit a piece for your consideration I helped my good friend Niko record earlier this year. We used to play in a band ( actaeon ), but he has since moved to SF where he continues to play gigs.
Niko - monday morning
Niko Dangond (vocals, guitar)
Ryan Trias (mixing)
We recorded this through a live mixer straight into a portastudio that I would eventually gift him as he continues to produce his own music up in the Bay.

4) Kirby - Dark Room
'Into The Dark, a glimpse into the psyche of a man whose spent the last three years touring Canada, crossing the country numerous times. (John) KIRBY’s second official release, wrestles the ideas of hostile despair, anguish of being unable to change, the worthlessness of envy and the desire to be wanted so unconditionally. The EP works towards summarizing the vast enormity of his experiences into seven calculated, succinct booms of folk-pop passion and interwoven with hook filled melody.'

5) Mister Barfly - Your Heart Lies
Mister Barfly is a singer/songwriter from Kent, England and "Your Heart Lies" is a taster from the forthcoming album, "Weapons of Self Destruction"
Twitter: @mister_barfly
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/misterbarfly

6) Travis McCarthy - Bedtime Stories (Gonna Go Get Laid)
I am a 20 year old Acoustic Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. I write and record all of my own music from my bedroom where I have a small recording set up. I've been playing guitar for the last 7 years and only singing for the last 3 years. While the root of my music is derived from Folk-Acoustic, I often incorporate styles such as Jazz, Blues, Electronic and Pop into my own songwriting.

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