26 September 2014

KNova - Early Morning, album review

Early Morning is a psychedelic chill step album, the first track of which has already been featured on our weekly podcast. You may have heard it. 

The album features diverse sounds that offer almost hypnotising effects when played through headphones.

Before I go any further I'll just put it out there that I'm reviewing this album with barely any inside knowledge regarding the production of electronic music so as you can imagine, my terminology is going to be very basic and descriptive.

The second track, Space is a Place (which I just want to say is a brilliant name for a track) reflects its title perfectly and has some really funky beats. I love how it flows from a simple beat, into the more complex patterns, before dropping back down again into a slow, very minimal and almost vapid middle section with just the beat, bass and a few textures to represent the whole space thing, before picking back up again into that really catchy rhythm. My head's bopping!

Timeless, in stark contrast to the previous track, almost feels quite humorous as there's such a sudden change between the two pieces of music. It's certainly more uplifting and cheery than the track that came before it but rather than becoming too excitable it remains suitably pleasant. It's easy to listen to, nice and laid back, and features guest guitarist Eric Deatrick. It's just such an innocent, happy little track.

And then we kick straight back into that deep sub bass and we're back to the 'proper' stuff.

I have to say, this album really does deserve being listened to with close attention. It's very easy to play this type of music in the background, as we're doing other things or as we're lounging around, but there's some really amazing sounds in these tracks that I am far too under educated to be able to place, and it's been produced so cleverly that you just have to listen to it with no distractions. I urge you to buy the album and do so. And wear headphones! Man it gets trippy.

There's huge diversity in this record, from 80s synth pop style progressions, to aspects of progressive house and of course the huge psychedelic influence. It's the perfect mixture. And some of the percussion is just absolute genius.

A massive recommendation from me. Go grab yourself a copy via the widget at the top of this review, or at least give it a little listen.

Five stars all the way.
Find out more: http://knova.net

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