22 September 2014

The Indie Artist Spotlight - September 22nd 2014

Today marks our 10th podcast! Woohoo! We're celebrating with some electronic music from around the globe. Check it out!

1) PVLMS - Union
We are Lexi and Frank, 19 year old students who produce under the name PVLMS. We use Ableton software, MPD32, and APC40. We love contrasting our unique styles to set a chill, grimy vibe!

2) Smear Campaign - Black Medicine
Smear Campaign are Taylor Kreemer and Josh Stanley. Hailing from the foothills of Appalachia in Ohio, the two relocated to Chicago in Summer 2013. Beginning as a recording project in a shared studio between stints performing with the post-punk outfit Vagrant Beat, Smear Campaign is informed by styles ranging from Downtempo and Trip Hop to Pop and Jazz. The resulting sonic amalgam is for anyone with an ear for the odd or out of step.

3) Forza Nova - The Rhythms Are Entrainable
I am 22 and from Houston, Texas. I started playing piano when I was little but did not really find any interest. I started trumpet in 6th grade, and when i entered high school I entered jazz band. This inspired an almost musical bug that made me passionate to always make music. I then taught myself piano based on the theory that I learned from jazz band. I currently am producing music, and am working to play live with a band/and or by myself. I currently live in Austin and am working on my Bachelors in Neurobiology (in the focus of auditory and sound).

4) Andrew Reddy - Streams
I am an independent artist and producer from Kildare, Ireland. Taking inspiration from a diverse spectrum of music from bulgarian folk through mainstream rock all the way to avant-garde, I am releasing my debut solo album which is a collection of dark ambient and minimalist instrumental tracks.

5) KNova - On The Eve Of Discovery 
My new album, “Early Morning” was released on July 8th. It is a blend of electronic sounds with a chilled feel, and overall is meant to be relaxing while channeling psychedelic influences I enjoy. More info is available here: http://knova.net/new-album-early-morning/

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