1 September 2014

The Indie Artist Spotlight - September 1st 2014 (rock)

This week marks the first of September, AND, the first of our new line of podcasts. That's right, we've upped the game since you all so lovingly donated money to the project...
It's bands week!

1) The Koniac Net - Floorless.
We've interviewed David Abraham before on our blog so go check that out if you haven't already. Lovely guy. Find him and the band on all the social networking platforms!

2) Mary Jane's Affair - Rockin' All Night
Alternative rock/punk/rap band from La Paz-Bolivia, formed in 2006. They are known for their extravagant live performances and their fusion of many genres.

3) Ten-79 - Happens Every Day
The band formed in 2012 with the concept that there should be no egos just a massive drive
to write and play original music, and enjoy every moment of the process. The love of music
was the seed with a diverse musical heritage spanning influences from Led Zeppelin and the
Levellers to the Stone Roses and REM. With nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter their songs
are rapidly building an international appreciation.
Find them:

4) Salt Petal - Pico
Los Angeles is a city of diversity, a place of mixed cultures with a colorful tradition. Few bands better represent this than LA musical collective Salt Petal whose cross border musical influences of Argentinian folk, Brazilian tropicalia, Cumbia and up tempo indie rock blurs ethnic and musical boundaries. In March 2013, Salt Petal released their sophomore album titled “Sea Monster.”
https://soundcloud.com/ salt-petal/sets/seamonster/s-9 ipgo

5) Love Trapezium - VAMP
We are Love Trapezium, an exciting new band from Norwich, UK. Formed in 2013 by Isambard, Ed, Joe and Other Joe, our brand of mellow pop has been called "quirky and brilliant" (not by us). VAMP is a wistful rumination on hope and recovery written by Ed, and Tiger on the Bus is a poignant anti-war anthem by Isambard

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