2 September 2014

Disappearer - Disappearer, review

The self-titled album from the very talented, multi-instrumentalist composer Pedro Pereira offers some pretty heavy and atmospheric sounds. Progressive rock at its finest...

We've already played Disappearer on one of our podcasts before, that's how much we love the music, and now it's finally time for the full album review.

You know how quite often in bands, the emotion is found in the heartfelt lyrics and the blinding performance from the vocalist? Well not in this case. In this case, the instruments carry it all the way! For the most part, the progressions are relatively simple and very repetitive, but that's the very thing that makes it so accessible to the listener.

The whole record carries this theme of unknowing, anxiety maybe, complete with the creation of an eerie atmosphere. The sounds, music and instruments carry you through this scene of 'doom' as you twist and turn with each passing note.

When we get to the fourth track, Psycho Jane, things start to pick up and become more erratic with the prominent drum beat and various guitar parts fighting for the lead role.

The next track, Blue, is much more heavy, this is the turning point in the album for me where things get truly serious. We've got breaks and build ups, great fills, spooky voice sounds and solos. This is a stand out track in the album, absolutely brilliant.

Once this turning point has been reached, the remaining three tracks on the record really speak to me in ways the other tracks didn't quite achieve. I think it's to do with the diversity dynamic of each track and the way peak and trough, build and fall. Who knew a distorted guitar could stir such a reaction from me? Fantastic.

The final track is the perfect way to end. It's got more of a fun feel to it in order to end on a bit more of a light hearted note. I say a bit more, because this album isn't exactly light hearted, it's pretty intense in places!

35 minutes of excellence.

Oh and can I just say, the album art is beautiful!

At just $7 to purchase, you'll be getting a pretty damn good deal for your money. One huge recommendation from me. Five stars!

Disappearer was featured on this podcast:

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