19 August 2014

Indie Artist Spotlight Update!

Good morning, evening or afternoon! 

I have some fantastic news... Our funding goal has been reached and the kickStarter project has closed. This means that big changes are coming ahead.

But there is a slight catch. 

It'll be another two weeks until the money comes through and it seems we have already reached our uploading limit on SoundCloud. This means that we'll have to wait two weeks until we can 'Go Pro' on our account and receive unlimited space to upload more podcasts.

If I could, I would pay out of my own money right now to keep the podcasts under way without break but unfortunately I don't have the funds to do that. (I'm a student don't you know!) 

So, if you would be so kind as to wait just 14 days, the podcast will be up and running and my friends, it will be better than ever!

Many thanks are owed to the musicians and readers of SunStock as without you, this would not be happening so... From me, thank you very much!

I apologise to make you all wait, but I'm excited to bring out an even bigger and better Indie Artist Spotlight! 

With upmost gratitude,
Amy ~ SunStock Music

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