11 August 2014

The Indie Artist Spotlight - August 11th 2014

This week is a pop / hip-hop themed week with music from the likes of Phil Bridges, Lewis Hurrell, Leslee Allen, Delicassie and SNYD. Check it out.

1) 0:00 - 3:52
Lewis Hurrell - Highs and Lows
Lewis Hurrell is an American songwriter/producer from Sebastopol, California. Lewis released his first solo single called “Highs and Lows” in early 2013, the track was mixed by Christophe Bride of Oxygene Studios and mastered at Abbey Road in London, His latest single “Ordinary Life” was entirely self produced from a small bedroom studio just south of London, the song has similarities to Bastille and Imagine Dragons and can be best described as an epic synth ballad with some definite winks towards the 80’s.

2) 3:53 - 7:04
Phil Bridges - After Me
Phil Bridges describes himself as 'that guy' who makes that 'honest rap / hiphop.

3) 7:05 - 11:16
Delicassie - Unleash Me
I'm Delicassie, I was given that name by a good friend. From the word Delicacy which is a food item that is considered highly desirable in various cultures. Being that I had sex appeal (eye-candy) which is important nowadays. But most important as an artist I also offered something new and different. I write from several different genres of music including Pop,Hiphop,Rnb/Soul,Gospel and contemporary christian.

4) 11:17 - 15:18
Leslee Allen - Take it Back
From Leslee's website: 'In 1st school, I recall my music teacher playing Beethovens 5th, and i rushedome to force my father to buy this record for me.Loud frantic and silences, a mix of the two, lowering and raising the temperature of the song, and climatic "crescendo" that leaves you seeking more of the same. I am lucky, in as much as i have open ears to varied music styles, and depending on my mood I will listen to and appreciate pretty much anything.'

5) 15:19 - End
SNYD - For The Bros
SNYD call themselves 'The best rap duo in the game'

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