8 July 2014

Space4Lease - Behind the Day's Light EP review

These guys somehow mange to fill their sound with so much suspense and eeriness, and still create a chill yet somewhat groovy feel. (Yep, I'm still using groovy)

The record starts with a bit of an instrumental introduction. I like it. The piano is super spooky, there are some dark chord changes and it sets the theme for the rest of the album. 

The next track, the first real 'song' if you like, is where the groove comes in. Weekend Love is like if Daft Punk and Metric created a band together and hired a male singer. Except it's cooler because Space4Lease feel much more real.
I'm really liking the funky lead guitar they've got going on and there's an ace drum break that's getting me bopping in my chair. With headphones on, the piano is a little over powering in places, it's a bit muddy and over reverberated, making my ears freak out, but that's the only issue I have throughout the entire album. Plus, with the rest of the instruments it blends well.

It starts to get chilled again after that with the next track, No Sound, opening again with some really nice piano (which is softer on my ears). So already we've got masses of diversity in the album and we're only three tracks in. It's so chill in fact, that even the drum fills are really slow. It's dramatic, I like it. And I can't put into words how awesome the guitar solo is, we'd probably be able to come to some understanding if we were both discussing this together while inebriated on various substances but we're not. We're professionals here!

There's another instrumental and it sounds mental with headphones on, super trippy. Hell, with this album, we don't even NEED to get inebriated!

Okay, serious hats back on. The next track is called The Wrap, which made me giggle because it's a rap. It opens with distorted bass. Now, if you're a regular reader here, you'll know that my biggest love in an album is when a track segues into the next. Well my second favourite thing is distorted bass. It's just plain cool. 
Anyway, the song itself is incredible. There are some pretty emotional anecdotes in the lyrics, there's a truly inspirational chorus, and there are some damn good instrumentals to top it all off. The piano solo at the end is awesome, and the guitar solo sounds like it belongs in a power metal song!
A really true and honest track. 'Don't let go'

And now we end with a lovely, chilled, kind song. Can songs sound kind? This one does. Don't take that as a lame comment, it's not as lame as it sounds. It's a kind song, and it's really bloody good.

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