10 July 2014

SunStock interviews David Abraham of the Koniac Net

You could say the Koniac Net was formed in a similar fashion to that of Foo Fighters. Both their first albums were written and performed entirely by a guy called Dave before they realised they needed to tour the album, and therefore needed a band. But today isn't about Mr. Grohl. Today we were lucky enough to catch and interview with the lovely David Abraham to get an insight into how one man can form a band that would achieve many successes.

What was it like going through the transition from a one man, to a five man band? Were there any bumps along the way?
The only issues that I faced were that of scheduling. All of us have very different daily schedules, so trying to plan out meetings, rehearsal timings, etc. can be a pain (but this is an inconvenience that any & all bands face), and of course, considering I have been used to wriitng my own music, by myself, since I began in 2000, it was a bit odd having other musicians contribute to the writing process (in reference to our new “Abiogenesis” EP).

But all this pales in comparison to the variety and fantastic ideas that my band members have brought to the table (ideas that I would never have come up with). And performing live with people who believe in your music AND who are very close friends is an experience unparalleled by any other. So, the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide.

What’s your proudest achievement in terms of your music?
There are a number: I have been able to get my music featured by GQ Magazine (India), Vogue (India), and on an Australian comedy/drama TV show called “Flat Whites.” We recently won a runner-up prize in the Hard Rock Rising contest (against over 10,000 bands worldwide; being the 1st Indian band to ever achieve this); nominated as “Best Rock Act” at the VH1 Sound Nation Music Awards; both my debut album & EP have received 10/10 ratings by Irelands U&I Music Magazine, as well as other amazing & extremely positive reviews from magazines & blogs in the States, U.K., Germany, France, Canada, etc.
My music has also played on over 114 stations across 30 countries.

I think overall, it would be the fact that I’ve been able to achieve all this by myself, from my house. Also, the entire process of meeting amazing people from all corners of this planet who have become fans… all this is quite humbling, and I am therefore quite proud of it.

Any exciting upcoming projects that we should be looking out for?
At the moment, we are doing a national tour (sponsored by Hard Rock Cafe, after we were announced runner-up winners). We are also trying really hard to somehow get signed to an indie label in the States, U.K., Canada, or France (so we can play live internationally), and are planning on recording a few new songs for our fans (to keep them happy until we begin working on our 2nd album at the end of this year).

Where has been your favourite place to perform in your music career so far?
I would have to say the Bacardi NH7 Music Festival (the very first time we were invited to play for this festival) - the crowd was unbelievable, and relatively large. It was the first time I heard a roar of cheers for us… I got quite taken back. Nothing more outstanding that the roar of a crowd for your music & band.

How did this all start for you and what made you want to pursue music? 
I was born into this world with a love for music… quite literally. Even though I remember, even as a 3 year old, being completely enamoured by music, I started realising how in love I was with it at the age of 8, and my obsession towards good music (be it heavy metal, hip hop, grunge, shoegaze, indie, or even new funk/paris house) only got stronger with each passing year. Although I was quite late when it came to learning how to play the guitar, I composed my 1st song in 2000 (the song “Simple,” which made it to my debut album “One Last Monsoon”).

I finally was able to pursue & study studio production and composition in New York (White Plains) during my college days, and have been doing music since. However, I never planned on releasing an album commercially until 2011 when I was house-ridden for 4 months after I came down with a severe case of typhoid. Hence, I figured I might as well use that time to record an album and see how it would be received abroad especially.

What are your ambitions as a band or a solo artist in the future?
My main goal (that I’ve had for many years) is to somehow play live in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc., and to especially put on shows in the cities (of the radio stations, blogs, etc.) that have played & supported my music. That would be a dream!

Oh… and to somehow play on Conan O’ Brien too. :)


  1. Loved the interview. This band is fabulous!!!!!! David is a MASTER......

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