7 July 2014

The Indie Artist Spotlight - July 7th 2014

This week we have 20 minutes of electronic / ambient music for you.
We've got the fantastic Ugo Capeto who's album we reviewed not long ago, we've also got The Dirty Ghost, Handwrist, Bearfight, and Haltaar.
Listen right the way through for some fantastic tracks and check out the artist information below to visit their sites.

1) 0:00-5:56
Handwrist - Primer
'Handwrist is an experimental rock project by composer/guitarist Rui Botelho Rodrigues from Lisbon, Portugal. It is a lot of different things. It's definitely music. Beyond that, who knows? And who cares?'

2) 5:56-9:44
The Dirty Ghost (Chris Weary) - The Stars and Chains
Chris Weary is a musician and home recording enthusiast who creates eclectic songs and soundscapes under the moniker "The Dirty Ghost" from his home studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

3) 9:44-15:28
Haltaar - Nebula
A young electronic artist based in the UK making music as a hobby alongside student activities but still managing to take the internet by storm. At just 18 years old, Haltaar is in the midst of creating a set of outstanding tunes around the theme of space, as well as branching out to other areas of music.

4) 15:28-17:28
Ugo Capeto - Path 01
'I am not completely sure what kind of music I make in terms of genre or sub-genre. One thing’s for sure, it’s not dance music and it really does not sound like anything else out there. If you really want to assign genres to my music, I would suggest ambient, downtempo, progressive, fusion, and maybe post-something. Since I am really into melodies, I have often tagged my tracks as “melodic electronica” but I am not sure it is a real genre.'

5) 17:28-20:51
Bearfight - Our Hero Dies
Bearfight is a half-American, half-Scottish electronic musician currently living in Grimsby, England. Having just released a six-song EP, he is currently making sure his future music will be as awesome as possible by working with a variety of other artists.

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