24 July 2014

Funny as Folk Festival - July 2014

Over the weekend I took a friend to this year's Funny as Folk festival, held at my favourite little place - Cabourne Parva. 

The land there holds this energy of pure open mindedness and relaxation and I find myself returning there time and time again for multiple festivals throughout the year, including Lin Dhu, C-FaB and of course, Funny as Folk.

This was the second running festival, so it's still a young one, but it didn't show it in the slightest. This year was definitely a step up from the last and with the way it's going, I'll be coming back for the next!

Each night was filled with the lively talents of big bands such as The Unknown Stuntmen, The Legendary Bad Apples, Screamin' Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya' Mama Big Band, Moon, and Sandfly. The barn was full of bursting energy and drunken dancing, then late into the night we sat around the fire with a guitar a drum and a sea of voices.

To start the Saturday and Sunday were chilled out sets on the woodland stage from various singer songwriters (to cure those hang overs), all of the highest quality, as well as the raucous Sambalada drumming band who shook the trees with their incredible sound.

I played a few songs for the festival goers too!

So that's the 'folk' part, what about the 'funny'?

Well the site was teaming with comedians too, including the incredibly hilarious Andrew O'Neill (he was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks you know!) as well as comedy pirate-rock band Seas of Mirth and the brilliant Sleeping Trees Theatre trio, who acted out tales of treasure. Ace.

It was such a lovely chilled out festival, yet still jam packed with things to do. There were workshops all day every day, stalls lined the field, circus toys were available to just pick up and play with, and the busk stop welcomed musicians to step up and play any time they wanted to.

Funny as Folk. See you next year!

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