15 September 2015

The Indie Artist Spotlight #2 (2015) Acoustic

This week is an acoustic edition! We welcome some new artists to the podcast as well as a couple of returning features (they were just that good).

Chris Bartlett - Hallowed Ground
Chris' album 'Dogs in the Water' was released last year. More tracks from the album are available to listen to on his Soundcloud page!

Ted Z and The Wranglers - Heaven's Rent
These guys are a fun-loving country band based in Southern California who's new EP has recently been reviewed on the site. 
Check it out!

Leslee Allan - Rock The World
A returning artist to the podcast, but with a brand new song, find more of Leslee's work on his YouTube page!

Nathan Abbey - How Not to eat Oats
Nathan Abbey is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter. Currently playing in numerous bands, his solo work draws influence from acoustic folk and blues, with a unique Australiana spin.

Learn By Sight - Eyes
Taken from ReverbNation page: 'I'm a solo artist from South Africa. I've played in taverns, and a few shows like the Arts Festival of Southern Africa, and Creative Arts and a few open mic nights. Really just for the love of playing.'

The Not So Dandy Lions - The Only One
The Not So Dandy Lions are three (3) young people from the small town of Hampton, New Brunswick, who got together to write and perform acoustic folk music. It started with a friendly face, and the band became official in May of 2014. Since then, they’ve tried new foods, written new songs, and played in lots of new spaces.

Grasscutter - Stop Banging On My Door
Stop Banging On My Door, is a live 'drunken' take (only time we've ever played it through to be honest!) which we felt sounded as good as it would if we decided to produce it properly.

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