4 September 2015

Ted Z and the Wranglers - Like a King, EP Review

Proper feel-good, rustic Americana. This EP will cheer you to no end. 

Ted Z and the Wranglers is a music collective based in Southern California and with an LP, two EPs and a whole host of successful shows around the US under their belts, they've got the experience, talent and brilliance to really pack a punch. 

Not only are the songs in this EP catchy and dance provoking, they also offer some really smart and genuine songwriting. Mixing your typical, relatable love themes with commentary on current affairs to give the perfect blend of easy listening and genuine awareness, the album sells itself to an incredibly wide audience.

On the first listen, it was fun. The smooth production shined through and the warm vocals of Ted Zakka, mixed with the complimentary harmonies and tight guitar work really made the album stand out. But on the second listen, it proved to be a work of art. 

As an entity in itself the entire EP is incredibly well structured, taking you on a journey of travel and love, spirituality and comedy. But the songs themselves make great standalone singles, which is why I can't wait to feature the EP's second song Heaven's Rent on a future podcast. 

And it's not just your safe, typical country either. Even though there are only five tracks to play with, the EP ventures outside the box to dabble in some good ol' rock n roll. It's a real party piece. 

Judging by this record, I imagine Ted Z and the Wranglers have a great time on stage together and put on a storming show. If you're local to California, be sure to keep an eye out.

Rounding off with the beautifully delicate song Tomorrow, the EP feels truly complete, which is a difficult feat in EPs as something so short can usually feel cut off. Not here. Here it feels full enough to work as it's own piece, but also leaves you needing more. 

So, please excuse me while I go and find some more of their music to enjoy!

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