8 December 2014

The Indie Artist Spotlight #20 - December 8th 2014 (electronic)

Today is our 20th episode! Woohoo! *pops party popper* And we're celebrating with some fantastic electronic music (plus an acoustic special to start us off). Check it out!

1) Sonic Primate - The Mystical 
Sonic Primate is made up of acoustic guitarist David Gervasi and bass player Bob Embury. They have been playing together in one form or another for several years. Bob plays both fretted and fretless six-string bass, and Dave plays six string acoustic guitar using various tunings and capos to form their unique sound. They have collaborated on over 30 songs and are continuing to write more while recording the tunes they have finished. Sonic Primate resides in the Rochester, NY area.

2) Almark - Oracle 
Since the dawn of the millennium Almark has written Electronic music, starting with influences in Industrial then branching out into his own sound. The music is like nothing you've heard, it is original, timeless, and sometimes reminds others of things they might have heard but not able to place where. The music is hypnotic, beat-driven and Electronic, sample based, becoming an avant-garde.

3) IX - IX
  Formed in the summer of 2013 IX has its roots in a friendship that dates all the way back to the 1980s, a decade that has a clear influence on their music today.
  Their long term plans to put aside commercial ambition in favour of building a body of recorded works, and growing a reputation as champions of electronic music production without falling into the dance music category, seems to fly in the face of convention.
  With a core membership of just two, IX intend to draft in additional musicians, vocalists, and song writing collaborators of interest as they expand their catalogue of releases.
  Taking inspiration from eclectic sources such as vintage TV / movies, science fiction writing and   pretty much all genres of music, IX aim to produce polished musical works that interest and intrigue while defying normal genre comparisons.
  Their debut album "System VII" is out now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and all good online distributors.

4) Andrew Reddy - The Other Master - Devoted
I am an independent artist and producer from Kildare, Ireland. Taking inspiration from a diverse spectrum of music from bulgarian folk through mainstream rock all the way to avant-garde, I am releasing my debut solo album which is a collection of dark ambient and minimalist instrumental tracks.

5) Disappearer - Stuck in a Loop
Disappearer / dïsappearer is a Portuguese project of Pedro Coelho Pereira (all instruments) and the Basement Dweller Choir (vocals / vocoder), that has been active since 2012 (but making music separately since 2008).
The latest release - and self-titled record - is a diverse album of intense music that tries to delve into somewhat disparate styles and genres, as shoegaze, post-punk, post-rock and post-metal with a progressive sensibility and approach.

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