22 December 2014

Indie Artist Spotlight CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

You can't see me but I promise I am wearing my Christmas hat right now. I'm very excited to present to you, the Indie Artist Spotlight Christmas Special. So without further ado, here it is:

1) Amy Naylor - Our First Christmas
That's me. I'm Amy Naylor. Hi! 

2) T.C. Folkpunk - I overheard Somebody Telling Me
Timothy Cameron was given a copy of a Beatles album when he was four years old, and decided that being a Beatle would be a good job to have when he grew up.
Unfortunately, they weren't hiring.
Instead, he waited a few years, then began playing in bars and pubs at the age of 17, by which time he was tall enough to convincingly "exaggerate" about his age.
Timothy has played literally thousands of gigs, and within the past few years released four independent albums, all of which received positive reviews and airplay in Canada and abroad.

3) Chloe Collins - Magical Christmas
Chloe is a 14 year old singer songwriter from New York State.
She started playing her "Little Martin" guitar at age 8 and
influenced by Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift, she started writing tunes.

4) Justin Zurielle Marasigan - This Christmas
Credits to the following people for making this all possible:
Judelle Gonzales, Aubrey De Mesa, Jette San Miguel, Oskie Oineza, Juan Carlo Pancho and JP Serrano.
Most especially, thank you Papa G! You are amazing!

5) Charlie Roe & The Washing Machines - Dalila
‘Charlie Roe & The Washing Machines’ is an indie rock band inspired by the sound of British pop and rock, born in 2013 as a live collaboration with Charlie Roe, a Swiss- Italian singer and songwriter. The members of the band are Simone Giannattasio on drums, Simone Poncioni on bass, Shane Kerins on guitar and Charlie Roe on vocals.

6) JOORKIB3TOO - Merry Christmas

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