13 October 2014

Indie Artist Spotlight - October 13th 2014

Happy Music Monday! We have yet another acoustic podcast for you today since there have been so many incredible submissions. 
Happy listening.

1) Chris Bartlett - Hallowed Ground
Chris Bartlett is an acoustic singer songwriter who's album Dogs In The Water is now available.

2) Peter Orsini - Dogs of War
Peter Orsini, from Portland, Oregon. I've been playing and writing for a few years and had a few bands, nothing ever took off and I've been spending the last year recording music in my bedroom while attending community college. I'm a big fan of people ranging from Frank Zappa to Bruce Springsteen.

3) Winsome Kind - This Much Is True
Winsome Kind are a Vancouver husband and wife duo, their voices made for each other, brought together by fate when they met and fell in love while performing at a production of The Buddy Holly Story. Their debut album is available now!

4) SNR - Vacant Lot
SNR is a creative outlet to spread a very simple message: that the truth of experience can be revealed to anyone willing to look inwards

5) Ben Kramer - Sailer

6) Ben Kramer - I'd Never Say
I'm a 19 year old, folk, folk rock, and indie rock influenced singer songwriter from Chicago. Currently I'm also a student at Depaul university, majoring in mathematical sciences.
Although I've been playing guitar for years now, I only started songwriting and singing about two years ago. Since then, my focus has been figuring out the type of music I want to make, and where I can fit into an admittedly, already crowded genre. While I wouldn't say I'm trying to do anything particularly experimental, my focus, and interest is in layering acoustic guitar and banjo parts to create a sort of acoustic soundscape

7) Robert Selles - Sunrise, Destiny
Robert first began playing music at the age of 4, when he begged his parents to let him learn violin after falling in love with it at the local symphony orchestra. Over the years, Robert’s love for music grew and broadened, adding piano, drums, and guitar into his musical repertoire. Despite this love, Robert derived significantly more joy from composition than from recitation, preferring to “mess around” rather than “practice, practice, practice”. Fast-forward 20 years, and like a fine wine, Robert’s compositions have aged well with time, becoming more resonant, complex, diverse and layered. In listening to Robert’s music, one can hear the reflections of his classical training blended with diverse musical influences, that result in unique creations.

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