10 October 2014

Danny Meyers AKA Cosmic Crash, review

Danny Meyers is a Montreal based singer songwriter. His style... Alternative Folk Rock. Click play on the widget below and listen while you have a read.

Here's what Danny had to say about himself and his sound:
'Currently I am the only band member since I am a Singer Songwriter. I have been building my Cosmic Crash repertoire of the last 2 years and plan to assemble a band to perform live in the next year. Along with vocals I also play / perform all the instruments / tracks on the tunes submitted. My style is sort of a mix of alternative rock with a kiss of country. The added country twitter not intentional but it is what it is, I just let it happen and take me where it will … In some ways I am a musical recluse and do not really follow any one band or style but I guess I’d have to list the Byrds, Simon & Garfunkel, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Alice Copper, Frank Zappa, April Wine, Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Early U2, the Police, Echo & the Bunnymen, Simple Minds, Match Box 20, Coldplay, even though many of these bands are nothing like what I do they all added something to my musical subconscious as do so many other great acts, commercial or Indie.
Lastly my musical goals are rather simple… it starts with my need and desire to write songs and I simply strive to create great songs that I can be proud of and, if I’m lucky, that people will listen to. Not caring about making money frees me to just enjoy writing and creating for the pure pleasure, challenge and sense of accomplishment it offers. All that said I would love to take it all live and if the opportunity came to get industry / label support for high budget recording or licensing my tunes to other artists or for film.'

Danny writes with honesty and purity. His songs speak true and will strike a chord with many of us I'm sure.  I imagine myself sat at the back of a quiet pub, slowly filling up as I sup beer and listen to the relaxed sounds of Cosmic Crash (Danny's stage name and hopefully soon to be band). Soon the pub becomes full and we enjoy the sounds of this talented songwriter.

It's easy listening, there's nothing particularly striking about the sound of these songs, but there's certainly something familiar, which is why I can imagine a pub full of people chilling out and diggin' it. Lovely stuff.

If you think you might enjoy Danny's music, visit him.

Twitter: @cosmiccrash1

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