18 September 2014

The FrogHollow Band - Days Like These, album review

We've featured these guys on our podcast before. You wanna know why? Because they're awesome! The FrogHollow Band offer that real country sound with added hints of rock and roll and other alternative blends. They've got a great sound. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

From the typical Nashville sound such as that in the opening track, with its fantastic fiddle solos, to the modern rock influences coming through in tracks like 'Runaway' and 'Love for a Six Gun' with their heavy pulsating beats and chugging guitar parts, this is about as diverse as a country band can get. There's even a ballad in there for good measure! (Listen to the track number three preview).

They're kind of like Hootie And The Blowfish except nothing like Hootie And The Blowfish and if you don't mind me saying, FrogHollow are tons better! (Sorry, but I think that band is overrated)

The whole record has this incredible feel-good vibe about it, especially in the mid-point song 'Bartender Love Song'. It's hilariously brilliant.

'Down On A Heart Break' has almost got an AC/DC sound about it. Forgive me if I'm pushing it a little bit but that riff is just so Angus Young!

It's a little bit hard to write about this band, because as I'm listening to the album, fully aware that I should be listening with a musician's ear so that I can give you the best review possible, I can't help but just dance! I'm just enjoying it. Just revelling in the awesome. There are no more words. This is turning into a flow of consciousness... Moving swiftly on!

'Hillbilly Hell' is the best track on the album. There's another fantastic rockabilly riff (this is becoming a recurring theme of the album) and I can tell that these guys know it's good because that riff is completely exploited throughout the entire track. Love it!

And now for the SunStock Awards...
The award for best intro on the album goes to track number 2: 'Bad Bad Day'.
The award for best voiceover on the album goes to track number 8: 'Bird Calls'. Seriously, what is that? It's really quite chucklesome.

Anyway, this album gets a big fat five stars from me.

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