18 September 2014

Picking up...

Wow. It's been getting a little busy round here, don't you think? 

Over the past 24 hours (more or less) I've received 24 emails. I never get that many emails in such short time! So today I have spent lots of time going through these emails and accepting the submissions that you've all been sending. They're fantastic, that's for sure. 

In fact, I've received that many tracks that I already have 5 weeks worth of podcasts ready. Plus two more almost full. That's almost two months ahead of schedule! Wow! 

The only issue with this is that now when anybody sends anything in, they're going to be waiting a long time to see a feature. 

Maybe I'll lengthen the podcasts, maybe I'll release biweekly podcasts, maybe I'll get someone else on board to help me out. I don't know. Whatever I do, it's gonna have to be something good, cause I need to be able to keep up with this level of submissions. 

Keep them coming in though, I'm loving it, and so are the readers apparently. Thank you! 

I've also got a lot of review requests to get through which is going to take me a little more time. Bare with me though people. I'm getting there! 

Thank you for your phenomenal support. It just keeps getting bigger and better! 

Until next time...

~ Amy Naylor

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