7 September 2014

Fresh - Empty Venues, review

Oklahoma based rap artist Fresh (Jacobi Isham) releases mix tape Empty Venues. Lyrically, this album is brilliant. Production-wise, this album is brilliant. A well rounded record that covers some important topics.

This is the first that SunStock has heard from Fresh and I tell ya something, we'll be keeping an ear out for more cause this is some good stuff!

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love it when tracks segue and it is done SO well in this record.

The first couple of tracks explore American political issues and then we move on to personal experiences, opinionated lyrics and a diverse range of sounds including collaborations with other artists such as Erik Tha Kid.

The sampled voices of well known speeches and films add a layer of depth and reality to the tracks and to the album as a whole. This is specifically true for the track Destiny's Decisions in which a sense of absolute vulnerability is so artistically and creatively portrayed in such a way as to evoke some pretty strong emotions. Fresh really puts himself out on the line with some of these lyrics and we're standing right there with him.

The entire tape is available to stream at various places online, including Soundcloud (see above) and you can visit the various sites below for more information on past and future releases.




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