3 July 2014

Maestronomics - Ground Floor, review

As they say themselves: 'welcome to the Ground Floor.' Prepare for an epic journey. 

There are two guys involved in this band. 6, who's responsible for the vocals, guitar and bass, and OSJ, who's in charge of drums and percussion. Together they pack quite the punch.
This is their debut EP but to anyone who didn't know better, it would seem they've been doing it for years.

Listening to the first track, I'd describe the sound as a sort of mix between Papa Roach and Alice in Chains. It starts with a clean cut guitar riff, before breaking out into the heavy distortion. It's an eerie start to a dark tune and growls over the lyric 'stranger' completes this.

The second track, Let it Go, has some raw and true lyrics with the line: 'I feel like you are downright rude' and it ends leaving me wanting more.

The third track is my favourite though. Staples Paper opens with a lively and powerful riff. I wouldn't exactly call it funky, but in comparison to the rest of the album, it is kind of funky, and there's some really cool hooks in this song. The chorus is insanely catchy, if pop punk had heavier drums, more distortion and a less whiny singer, it would sound like this! The chord changes are genius and they make the track really stand out from the rest of the album. We've got a brilliant instrumental, followed by a change in the tempo and feel. It slows right down for the lyric 'eyes wide open' and ends with a gong-like sound. Great end to a great track. Ace.

The next two tracks come as a pair. I love it when a track mixes into another and these guys do it so well. Track four is purely instrumental with some really cool delay effects and some amazing bass. It's insanely dramatic with some really eerie background effects going on and real dark drumming.

Then the next track opens with powerful vocals and a minimal amount of instrumentation to counter the previous track, before dropping into a very... flamenco like riff! But it doesn't head in that direction, don't worry. To top it off though, there's congas or something similar within the percussion. Brilliant. It's the longest track on the album with some crazy instrumentals and dynamics and a dramatic change about four and a half minutes where it just descends into chaos. Great tune.

And finally, we end with a very atmospheric, very minimal and massively reverbed powerful finish. This is spooky stuff right here. I love it. Loaded and Ticking is the perfect end to a fantastic album.

If you think you might like the sound of these guys, check out their website.
Find them on Twitter
And Soundcloud
There are some previews around on these sites so you can check you like what you hear before purchasing their album.

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