30 June 2014

The Indie Artist Spotlight - June 30th 2014

Here it is; our debut podcast! 

This week we're featuring the likes of Adeline Hotel (who we interviewed earlier), John Richard Bell, Nicotine Nerves, The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco (you read our review of their EP), TEN-79, and Desrosiers.
Tune in and enjoy the show.

Track Listing:

1) 0:00-3:50
The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco - The Legend of Josie and The Duke
They describe themselves as 'Proper grown up pop music.'
'A mix of 70s East Coast strut, post-punk British pop and West Coast Americana'
Find them:

2) 4:00-8:35
Desrosiers - Whatever Be Your Art
Artist Bio:
Desrosiers is a canadian-based composer and songwriter from Montreal. B.S in psychology and trained at Berklee College in Music for Film and Tv. Desrosiers did many detours and numerous job before settling down for good and doing what he love best: music. Desrosiers’ solo project began following group's 2011 demise of his previous band FWI (Frenchwestindies), a short lived but promising band in Montreal. Almost a silent figure among the Montreal Sound for too long, Desrosiers lately moved in a remote chalet in the woods of Quebec to regroup and put in place is previous years generative period. Out of this process, he wrote and recorded a dozen songs, pieces and instrumentals. Among them, the EP Album available on iTunes and on desrosiers.bandcamp.com

3) 8:40-11:27
Nicotine Nerves - Shoegazing
We're a two-piece band from Denmark, and we've played since early 2014. We're actually recording a demo album this summer vacation. And we're two 18 year olds trying to get by with our music.
And the piece was created when I heard the song doused by DIIV. I've never heard anything like it before and I got so many ideas, and a few moments after the song was born :) 
Here's our Facebook and soundcloud:

4) 11:28-15:47
TEN-79 - Happens Every Day
The band formed in 2012 with the concept that there should be no egos just a massive drive
to write and play original music, and enjoy every moment of the process. The love of music
was the seed with a diverse musical heritage spanning influences from Led Zeppelin and the
Levellers to the Stone Roses and REM. With nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter their songs
are rapidly building an international appreciation.
Find them:

5) 15:48-19:04
Adeline Hotel - Leave The Lights
I'm a Brooklyn-based songwriter who has just finished up my debut album under the moniker Adeline Hotel. Recorded over the past year at Rose Studios, Leave The Lights features an array of musicians up and down the east coast, including Magnolia Electric Co.'s Mike Brenner on steel guitar.

6) 19:18-22:52
John Richard Bell - Miles From Home
'Born in Alabama; raised in Miami, and New Orleans. Currently residing in Georgia. Trained pilot; self- taught musician. Influenced by music of the sixties, and seventies.'

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