26 June 2014

Ugo Capeto - The Path of Least Resistance, album review

Ugo Capeto, a fellow blogger and musician, has got some pretty groovy tunes to share! (I can say groovy right? Is that still cool?)

Ugo describes his music as 'post-something' which suggests that its sheer amount of originality makes it pretty hard to define. I'm game for that!

The album in question features 12 tracks that all use a wide array of timbres, tempos and dynamics to create a colourful and unique scope of sounds. It's not something I'd dance to, but it's got me head-bopping and grooving in my chair. And I like it when a tune gets me grooving in my chair!
Don't be offended Ugo when I say this, I'm trying to pay you a compliment here, but listening to the album for this review, I found it makes pretty good web browsing music. Path 7 made me feel like I should be hacking something while I was online.
I'm talking about paths here and you might not be sure what I mean. Let me explain, the album consists of paths, hence the title, which I think is a pretty cool idea. I'm digging the creativity in this. It's like each track leads on the next, like you're changing from one path to another. Kinda like game levels... Now there's an idea! This would make cool game music.
Okay I'm getting ahead of myself here, I'm just supposed to be reviewing the album, back to that... Path 4 and 5 compliment each other particularly well and there are other examples of this great interaction between tracks but you're just going to have to listen to it yourself to see what I mean.

The only negative I would have to say about this album is that in a few of the tracks, it seems there is a great melody in place (which is obviously Capeto's strong point) but the structure of the tunes can be added to a lot more. It seems in places that they just seem to begin. And end. With no real intention. But I can forgive him for that because hey, the tunes and fantastic anyway!
Oh and also, the guy uses a Korg Synthesiser on his Nintendo ds! How cool is that?

So, if you think you like the sound of this, head over to his bandcamp page and have a little listen. (Sorry I couldn't get the embed code to work for some reason)
My friend also hosts a music review blog of his own so make sure you check that out!
And you can also stay in touch via Twitter @ugocapeto  (tell him I sent ya!)


  1. Thanks for the time to write a bit about the album. You are quite right about the tunes having no real structure. The reason is simple, eheh. My prior albums took me ages to make and the tracks were on the longer side. The end result was however always the same. Very little interest. So I decided with this album and the one prior to make tracks that are very short. Less time spent and way less frustration, eheh.

    1. Well if you get more fun out of writing shorter tracks then why not! Always write for you first, your audience after.
      It was a pleasure reviewing the album for you.