24 June 2014

SunStock interviews Adeline Hotel

Leave The Lights, Adeline Hotel's single, has officially released today! We were lucky enough to catch an interview with the maker behind the music!
You can listen above, and buy the single over at his BandCamp page. It will also be featuring on our upcoming weekly podcast, so make sure you stay tuned for that!
And just as a side-note before we begin, I'd recommend purchasing it. There are two tracks on the single, and both of them are fantastic. AND if you like what you hear, the debut album will be available later on this year. So without further ado, here's what the brilliant Adeline Hotel had to say...
First of all, how would describe the sound of your upcoming debut?
I usually approach writing from two different angles, one more guitar focused, and the other more conventional songwriting structure. I've always struggled to fit these two side by side, but this particular batch of songs had a strong thematic spine tying them together which made it work. Both sides are well represented here, and I'm happy with the way they interact with each other and hopefully bring out something more than the sum of its parts.

After recording demos DIY style, what’s it like to be recording with a range of musicians in the studio? How has it affected the process?
It changed everything for me, really. When writing and performing alone, you really begin to lose perspective, and working alongside producer/engineer Danny Rose was crucial. When I’d bring in musicians to play, I refrained from giving them too much specific musical instruction—it was more like “here are the lyrics, here’s the feeling I'm trying to get across” and gave them freedom to interpret that and express it themselves. I got to meet and work with some incredible people, including Mike Brenner of Magnolia Electric Co. (one of my favorite bands), and it’s really through these collaborations that I was able to develop the more unifying sound I mentioned above.

You’re based in Brooklyn, but you spent a few years in London and Belfast. How has being in the UK developed your songwriting?
I spent about 6 months in each, and they’re both pretty special to me. London is really where it all began, in terms of playing my first solo shows. Belfast, three years later, was the starting point for this particular project, Adeline Hotel -- it’s where a number of these songs started to take shape, and where the theme of this record was established.

Where has been your favourite place to perform, home in Brooklyn, or over in the UK? Why? 
Most of my time here in Brooklyn has been spent in the studio actually, but we’re getting out there playing now and it’s been a blast. I loved Belfast though, it has such a vibrant arts community and is super supportive. I got to meet some incredible people while I was there and I hope to get back soon.

Can you explain to us your songwriting process? How does a song grow from an idea, to a fully formed single?
It’s changed a lot over time. I used to be able to write something start to finish in an hour, but it’s slower going now. Things almost always start with the guitar for me - I just record tons of ideas that I hang onto until something kickstarts a lyric or melody, which can be months or years later. When that comes though, things usually happen all at once and I’ll be able to make headway on 3-4 songs at a time. I’d like the writing process to be a little more collaborative for the next album, which I've already started on.

Where can we find you on social media?
You can find Adeline Hotel on Facebook or follow on Twitter @adelinehotel.

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