18 June 2014

Be on Our Weekly Podcast


August 2014 will mark the release of the first of our new series of weekly podcasts. The 20 minute show will act as a showcase for some amazing independent artists and we encourage you to get involved.
If you've got a song that you'd love to have heard around the world, drop us an email with the subject 'podcast' and add an attachment to either an mp3 or a wav file. We'd also like a short bio about yourself with links to your social media sites. We'll be in touch as to when we'll have you on the show.
Content MUST be original as we don't have the rights to play your covers, and it can be of any genre you wish. We primarily take music from the acoustic genres, but our themed podcasts will be playing a much wider range of content.
We look forward to hearing what you've got!

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