3 July 2016

Fascinations Grand Chorus - Debut EP review

For a real retro vibe, with an added pinch of indie pop, listen to the new EP by Fascinations Grand Chorus!

Stephanie and Andrew, the pair behind the production, admit to having their differences and disagreements. I imagine that can be tough, you know? Not that it matters much, because it makes for great songwriting material!

Taking you back to the good ol' days of psychedelia this short little EP has it all: ear-worm melodies, relatable lyrical content, perfect production, and lovely smooth vocals. I can't fault it.

The opening track Welcome, took me by surprise. It opened with this really punk-inspired riff that blasts in and propels the whole thing forward. And then all of a sudden it takes us about 20 years
before punk and I'm just about ready to do the twist! It's a brilliant fusion that shouldn't work. But it does. It so does!

Growing is just as danceable, and the repetitive lyrics are just as singable. I think the drumming as a very prominent part to play in this EP and it really drives each track. The fills are almost melodic and it just blends perfectly with the breathy keys and funky guitar parts.

At only three tracks long, I expect we'll be hearing more from the duo. A great debut!

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