24 June 2016

Paragraphs - Music by a man who can't stick to one genre

Paragraphs is a new up and coming recording artist based on the east coast of England. With each album released taking a completely different direction it is almost impossible to know what's coming next, but each time it just gets better and better.

Kicking off 2016 with his first ever release - a name-your-own-price full length LP - Paragraphs proved himself to be an incredibly talented IDM artist. With long ambient breaks of beautiful analogue sounding synth tones - very much inspired by those of artists like Boards of Canada - and interesting and full downtempo beats, the album Nocturnal takes many directions. The tracks featured on the album were produced over a number of years and handpicked from a larger batch to ensure the best content for the artist's first release.

Following the positive reception of his first release, the second album to find its way onto the Paragraphs Bandcamp page takes a completely different turn. Dying Alone is a dark ambient LP inspired by interviews with serial killers. The album uses many noise-based influences to create constantly moving soundscapes that remain interesting despite their drone-like nature. The same tracks can also be found elsewhere on the internet, with the specific interviews that inspired each piece mixed into the tracks. Do enough digging and you might be able to find them. It's certainly worth it!

But this album turned out to be a stepping stone towards the next project that Paragraphs released just last month. I Hope You Die in a Fire is the first purely noise based album to be released by the producer and is somewhat reminiscent of its neighbouring genre power-electronics. With harsh distorted drum beats and clever techniques that change up the sound from track to track, this LP never threatens to become 'samey' and always proves to be energetic, interesting and fun.

We're sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what might come next. With the run of uploads seeming to be regular since the beginning of this year we're due to hear a new album soon. What will it be? Ambient? Glitch? Keep an eye on his Bandcamp page to stay up to date.

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