3 December 2014

SunStock Interviews Chloe Collins

Chloe Collins is a 14 yr old singer songwriter who already has a huge amount of work under her belt and writes songs way ahead of her age. We've had Chloe on the show this week and I was lucky enough to catch her after school for an interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Chloe!
I love to sing. I am told I started singing as a toddler, and that my parents, and the parents of other kids, took notice of my voice. I started to play guitar when I was 8 years old.  The first song I remember learning was a song I loved called “Butterfly Fly Away” from Disney’s “Hannah Montana” show which starred Miley Cyrus.  I learned the guitar chords to that song so I could play and sing it myself.  I loved being able to sing and accompany myself on guitar, so I practiced endlessly. In just a few weeks I was learning to play all the songs I loved by my idols like Taylor Swift.  

What made you want to start creating music and how did you follow that dream?
Almost as soon as I started playing guitar I felt the urge to start writing songs. Then, I started performing my songs at school talent shows, coffee houses and open mics.  

What drives your passion for music?
I love to write songs and sing and play guitar. I do it for hours and hours some days. Then, when I get up to perform in front of an audience and they enjoy my songs that really makes me feel great.

How do you balance school and music? Do you sometimes have to put homework to one side when inspirations strikes?
For the last few years I would sometimes get inspiration for songs while at school and I would have to scribble the thoughts into my notebooks or sing the melodies into my phone. Since starting high school this year, I am now studying through an online school which allows me more flexibility, and more time for my music and recording and performing.

How do you go about writing your songs?
Songs really come to me in all different ways. Inspiration is magical that way. Sometimes I just start strumming some chords and then I hear a melody and sing words. Other times I get a melodic idea first, and go to the guitar or piano to work it out. Sometimes I get an idea for a song title or a lyric, and that gets me started writing a song. The ideas come in all different ways and inspiration has struck me in all different places (at school, at home, in my room, and sometimes even in the car or on an airplane).

What was your inspiration behind the track Enough, which we have featured on our podcast?
By the time a song is completed it might incorporate many more experiences and ideas than when I started to write it. “Enough” is really a song about being fed up with how you are treated in a given situation whether it is in a friend or peer group or in a romantic relationship. This song was actually used in the ABC/Family TV show "The Vineyard" last summer in a scene where two girls are arguing over a boy. (wow)

Where do you hope to take your music?
I love performing and recording my songs, and I would love to have some hit records and get to go on tour performing live.  My musical influences include Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne - and I also listen a lot to records by older legacy artists like The Beatles, Billy Joel and The Beach Boys.  I have written over 60 full songs so far, and I keep writing more. I am a big fan of Taylor Swift, so I would be fine having a career like she has had so far!

Any projects coming up that we should look out for?
I wrote a song called “Magical Christmas” which I recorded for the holidays and I made a video that I just uploaded to YouTube.  I am working on several new songs in the studio that I hope to have finished soon.

Twitter @chloecollinsmus
Instagram: @chloecollinsmus

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