11 November 2014

The Indie Artist Spotlight - November 10th 2014

This week is hip hop week and we've got some fantastic stuff lined up so make sure to listen right through to the end!
1) Phil Bridges - After Me
Phil Bridges describes himself as 'that guy' who makes that 'honest rap / hiphop.

2) Vito Vicci - Lonely People
My name is Vito Vicci a.k.a Indie 900 I’m 24yr old independent recording artist born in Louisville KY and raised in New Albany and Jeffersonville IN. I have been doing music Since I was about 8yrs old I started out singing in my churches youth choir. When i was 15 I recorded for my first time in actual studio setup where I recorded a remix to Rick ross’s hit single “push it”. A few years later decided that I could and would make my way to the top with all the other artist at 19yrs old I had offers for showcases and contest all around the country but I felt as is I wasn’t ready so I waited. I recently picked back up on my writing and so far since this april I have been featured on 5 Coast2Coast mixtapes, I’ve been on the indie top 100 charts twice, I placed on audiomacks music charts with best in the game and I recently was in a concert back in june. I working on my first mixtape project titled “INDIE900″ So keep a look out for that.

3) Eddie Royal - Immune 
Philadelphia-bred, Hip-Hop wunderkind, Eddie Royal's music is inarguably some of the most realistic and exciting things going on in the underground hip-hop scene right now. Considering himself a protégé of the game Eddie had to dig back into the roots of Hip Hop because he really didn’t start his musical endeavors until about 1997-2000. Using uncanny wit, undeniable skills and the natural gift of having a way with words Eddie is looking to become one of the most successful artists to ever embrace this culture.

4) F.A. - Lean On Me
​Allan “F.A.” Eberhardt is one of the latest artists to arrive in the rap industry. An Atlanta native, born in 1987, F.A. began recording songs at the age of thirteen. As an accomplished lyricist, F.A. has mastered a craft only present in the industry’s most elite rappers-the ability to thrill listeners with a witty use of wordplay, while maintaining an authentic representation of his lifestyle. A true product of his environment, F.A. has garnered local attention through various self-made mixtapes. Furthermore, F.A. is no stranger to the stage. After winning local freestyle contests, he has performed throughout Atlanta. As the twenty-six-year-old rapper continues to hone his God-given talents, one thing is certain: Its only a matter of time before F.A. is recognized as one of the top talents of the industry.​

5) Ben Van Rensburg - I Will Wait
Ben van Rensburg aka MCD is a rapper/singer from the rural UK countryside with a distinctive edge and ‘glass-half-empty’ outlook on life. Affectionately referred to online as “The King of Emo Rap,” he can cite influences such as Jonathan Davis and Eminem for his dark but also charismatic vocal stylings. Having featured on Rudenko’s UK dance chart smash “Stranger” and carrying an MTV commendation in his back pocket, Ben is as versatile as rappers come, able to alternate between happy/uplifting house and pop tracks and dark/emotional rap joints at the flick of a switch.

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