29 November 2014

Radio Rebel Interview

Radiosaur, an independent electronic radio station, has featured SunStock Music! 

RadioRebel.com is a fantastic website dedicated to helping out unsigned musicians just like us. So if you could do with even more promotion than you're getting here, or if you want to discover even more amazing independent music, I highly recommend that you head over there.

And here's where you should start!

Last week I recorded an interview with Tom from Radiosaur, a station that is featured on Radio Rebel, which not only is on this week's show with him, but has also been uploaded as a separate podcast.

You can find both the show and the interview over here: https://www.radiorebel.com/radiosaur

It would be super cool if you could go over, say hi, and show your support for another brilliant website.

It's not just radio that is featured there. It's also a place where you can upload your music and sell it for free. All profits go straight to you as the musician. On top of that, you can apply to have your music played on one of the many radio stations that are featured there.

So, if you like SunStock Music, you'll LOVE Radio Rebel.

Check it out, and don't forget to listen to the interview.

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