11 September 2014

Amy Naylor - Stay EP

I am coming to you from the coziness of my blanket as I munch at rich tea biscuits while rolling in the smell of Olbas Oil. This can only mean one thing. I've caught Fresher's Flu.

That's right! At the beginning of this week I began my first semester of university. I'm taking a degree in Professional Writing which means this blog will only keep getting better with the new training that I can put into practice.

But another thing happened this week too.
I released a new EP!

Some of you might know that I do have an album out already, which I released in May this year. But over the summer, when I had nothing better to do, I decided to write and record my first ever EP. The entire thing was performed with live vocals and guitar all in one take. As in, the entire 20 minutes in one take. This is because each song is designed to flow into the next.

The whole record is in open C, which was fun to explore, and it covers the various emotions that I came to know over the summer as I prepared myself to watch my friends say goodbye as they left to begin university in various places around the UK.

But I guess now that I'm lonely I'll have more hours to dedicate to the blog. Lucky for you ;-)

So anyway, now that you've got an overview of the record, you can have a listen if you like. I know it's unprofessional of me to advertise my own product on a site that I've dedicated to other musicians but... there's no one here to stop me!

So if you could spare a few minutes, I'd like that a lot.

Thank you for your incredible support of SunStock Music, it's come a very long way in the few months that it's been online and that is thanks to you! So cheers!

Now, I've got submissions to get through. See ya!

~ Amy Naylor

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