10 August 2014

Desrosiers - Self Titled EP, review

We've featured Desrosiers on our podcast already before with the single 'Whatever Be Your Art' and it was a bit of a hit. Well, this EP is more of the same excellence.

Desrosiers has a beautifully soft and warm voice. Paired with the warmth of the piano and strings, this record has an elegance to it that is soothing and reassuring to the ears.

The mellow opening of No Tears, No Love Song is such a perfect way to open an EP. The lyrics strike very true to me as a listener and it is a very easy and moving piece of music.

The next track, So You Want To Be a Writer, picks up the pace a little with it's prominent beat and yet it still has a very laid back vibe to it. This probably has a lot to do with the mellow synths being used to fill out the song.

The piano takes a big part of the spotlight instrumentally in this EP creating quite a 'pop' sound but still holding onto the sort of indie, folk feel, which is what I love so much about it. The record really holds to its own sound, keeping on to that truth that comes across in the lyrics and music.

Building up during the last track Superman, there are some fantastic sounds coming through. The eerie, heavily reverberated vocals that weave through the accompanying instruments prove to create a really full and interesting track that is full of movement and depth.

But at just four tracks long, this record leaves me craving for more. Since it is such a short listen I probably wouldn't buy the physical copy of this CD. I know this might just be personal preference, but I've never really understood the pull of short EPs, it just means you have to change the disc! However, if downloaded digitally you could quite easily combine the EP with the other single releases from Desrosiers (you can find them on the Bandcamp page linked in the player above) and you've got yourself quite the playlist.

I do hope we hear more from Desrosiers. There is a talent here that needs to be explored and enjoyed more. Give us more tracks!

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